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About Truth Industries

Joe D. Newcomb Founder, Chairman, CEO

Truth Industries is an innovative leader in chemical marketing, trading, distribution, and logistics. The key to our success is the continuous development of long term, win-win partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Truth Industries features an extensive portfolio of chemicals, fertilizers, and specialty products.. We supply a diverse range of products across a variety of Market Segments, i.e., Agriculture, Chemical Plants, Dust Control, Lawn & Garden, Nursery, Oilfield, Paper Mills, Power Plants, Brick Manufacturers, Refineries and Specialty Crops. We provide transportation via rail, barge, truck, and LTL. Product deliveries are available in bulk, 50 lb bags, 2000 lb bags, drums, and totes.

We continuously develop synergies with our clients and partners to create mutual value for all. We have exclusive distribution agreements with various partners to market products around the world.

Truth Industries is committed to maintaining superior quality and unsurpassed service, coupled with competitive pricing. We are well known for personalized customer service, providing dedication to efficient, accurate, and timely order processing. Our customized tracking system ensures rapid delivery. We ensure your product is delivered in the most safe, reliable, and cost-efficient manner. We service our clients and partners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.