Truth Industries is a leading supplier of lignosulfonate across North America.  We have surety of supply, a private fleet of dedicated rail cars (and will allocate rail cars for your specific needs), as well as a large network of trucking partners for bulk deliveries.

Details of one of our long term recent partnerships can be seen on the link below:

We offer various grades of liquid sodium and magnesium based lignosulfonate, dry sodium lignosulfonate, as well as sodium lignin for a wide variety of applications. Contact us today for sample inquires for your specific application, as well as SDS and/or product data sheets.


Typical applications are: 


Gypsum Board, Brick Manufacturing, Dust Control, Adhesives, Carbon Black, Coal Gasification, Emulsions, Pelletizing/Granulation, Animal Feed, Micronutrients


Please contact Truth Industries at 281.292.6900



Omri Listed Magnesium Lignosulfonate